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All dudes think they can easily be a porn star. Our babe Mandy More is here to show everyone it is not as easy as just fucking a hot chick. The question is: could you pass Mandy’s test?

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  • How it works

    how it works

    We find the guys to come try to be a porn star. We invite them to our studio, get them naked and have Mandy try to get their dicks hard on camera.

    See how it works
  • First Auditions

    how it works

    Here are all the guys that came to try out. Some of them are able to get their dick hard on camera and hold off their orgasm, others are not so good.

    Meet the first timers
  • Second Auditions

    how it works

    These are the guys that passed the first tryout. Now Mandy gives them a lesson on exactly what it means to be a porn star with their first fuck.

    Meet the new Stars
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